This project is deprecated in favor of Bam.Net.Core


Bam.Net is a framework and set of tools for rapid application development.
It offers data access code generation (using troo.exe), web service generation (using gloo.exe) and standards based view templating (using vyoo.exe). Bam.Net aspires to enable developers of yesterday, today, tomorrow and beyond to build cloud aware web based applications using the MV* design patterns they are already familiar with.

Why Bam.Net?

Bam.Net consists of reusable code components that I’ve written over the years that were used to contribute to numerous projects in a variety of professional roles I’ve held. While there is functional overlap between Bam.Net and other more popular systems today, at the time of its creation either no equivalent existed or the options did not provide the specific functionality and capabilities that I was looking for.

No, I Mean Why Is It Called Bam.Net?

Bam.Net is a re-branding of what was “Brevitee” and “Bryan.Apellanes” before that.
The underlying toolkit of Brevitee made heavy use of the acronym B.A.M, short for Brevitee Application Management which is now short for Bam Application Management.
The word brevity is defined as; concise and exact use of words in writing or speech.
In the same sense Bam.Net is intended, in the spirit of jQuery, to allow one to write less and do more through the use of Bam.Net’s extensive .Net extension method library and code generators. BAM and you’re done!

Where to start?